Edinburgh Exiles Association

The Edinburgh Exiles Association is an active partner with the Edinburgh March Riding Association Ltd, inviting and giving visit Edinburgh Exiles the chance to carry the Edinburgh Exiles Standard during the ceremony at the annual Edinburgh Riding of the Marches every September.

The 2016 Edinburgh Exiles Standard Bearer is Major Cameron Hastie from Somerset and his Lady Busser is Mrs Sonia Hastie.

Past Edinburgh Exiles Standard Bearers:

2015 – Sheila Collins from Aurora, Ontario, Canada. Lady Busser: Our Lady Provost Elaine Brand

2014 – Ian Wilson Tough from Crayford, Kent. Lady Busser: Sheila Collins

2013 – John Hill from Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada

The migration of Scotland’s people over the centuries is of epic proportions. A good number of those emigrants would have settled in places such as India, China, Australia, Canada, The United States of America and South Africa. Places as far reaching as Argentina, Antarctica and Sri Lanka were made homes by many of the Scottish people.

Over 30 million people around the globe are Scottish descendants.  Today, a proportion of those descendants will have links more closely to the City of Edinburgh.  It is from this pool of individuals that the Edinburgh Exiles Association wishes to invite back to get involved and celebrate their heritage and their city!

If you have a family connection to the City of Edinburgh and will to participate, please contact: edinburghexiles@hotmail.com.