Edinburgh Captain & Edinburgh Lass

The Edinburgh Captain and Lass work jointly to lead the Edinburgh Riding of the Marches and proudly represent the City throughout the year.  Both roles are challenging and rewarding and the office-bearers work hard in order to contribute towards the continued success of the event.

Edinburgh Captain 2017 – Dean Smith

Photo: Phunkt.com

Ex-Military Dean Smith, elected Edinburgh Captain for 2017, will be proudly representing Edinburgh, riding in nearly all of the Scottish Common Ridings taking place throughout the Scottish Borders.

Dean will lead the Cavalcade up the Royal Mile to present the Edinburgh City Banner to the Lord Provost on Sunday 17th September 2017.

Edinburgh Lass 2017 – Kiera Robertson

Photo: Gemma Williamson

Edinburgh-born Kiera Robertson and has been actively involved in the Scottish Common Riding scene for many years and has taken part in the Edinburgh Riding of the Marches since its revival in 2009.  Kiera’s mother was Edinburgh Lass in 2014 and is proud to pass down the tradition in the family.

Kiera will accompany Dean throughout the Scottish Common Riding season and join him at the head of the cavalcade on the Royal Mile for the Edinburgh Riding of the Marches main event on Sunday 17th September 2017.