The Edinburgh Songs

Every Toon has its songs and Edinburgh proudly sings ours, written and composed by Alan G. Brydon and William Farrer.

Auld Edinburgh Town 

© Alan G. Brydon

As I stand atop the Castle Rock
And gaze on Edinburgh’s braes
I cast my eye and smile as I
Look back on olden days
For within the city tall and wide
There’s an ancient wall with a toon inside
Ever known as Scotland’s pride
Old Edinburgh Town

And the Captain rides, his noble grey
And the ride looks out on the city of today
And when we’ve marked the ancient burgh bounds
We’re riding home to Auld Edinburgh Town

A capital, to crown them all
An’ steeped in Scotland’s fame
Where er ye gaun, yer heart is drawn
Tae yer Edinburgh hame
For within the city old and new
A beating heart comes shining through
The place from where the city grew
Auld Edinburgh Town


As you wander down the ancient town
The history unfolds
There you’ll find some peace of mind
And stories to be told
With a modern City rich in style
From the Port Of Leith to the Royal Mile
We welcome you to stop a while
In Auld Edinburgh Town


Safe Oot Safe In

© William Farrer

When the sun breaks o’er the castle walls
Wa’ll mount up our horses and answer the call
To ride round the marches of Edinburgh toon
Protecting from enemies of country and crown

Red and silver, white and black
Our banners flying wi’ the sun on our back
Ride with style up the royal mile
And bring our colours hame again
Red and silver, black and white
Our banner flying day and night
The Captains toast, ‘here’s to Edinburgh Toon’
Safe oot, safe in — safe hame again

Freedom is our nations right
Against oppression we must fight
Ne’re again a tyrants slave
We’ll strive to keep our marches safe


So carry the colours, with honour and pride
And keep them unsullied a’ through the ride
From the Pentlands down to the Firth of Forth
We’ll watch o’er our city the jewel o’ the north


The Captain will lead us on his guid grey horse
By Canongate tae the Mercat Cross
Our banners flying proud on high
Like skylarks dancin’ in the morning sky


Come on my friends, raise your glasses high !
To the worthy men and bonnie lassies nigh
We a’ stand together as the sun goes doon
Till next we ride the ‘marches’ of Edinburgh Toon