Want to Ride in to History?

You can join us!

If you have a horse, or can ride, you can take part in this event!

Every year around 250-300 horses and riders take part in this spectacular event.

How to sign up to ride in this event


Please note, sometimes places can become available closer to the event day, so if you still wish to take part you can do this by registering your interest with our booking team at ride@edinburghridingthemarches.co.uk

YOU CAN ALSO RIDE JUST THE AFTERNOON SECTION – please book your place and then email us at ride@edinburghridingthemarches.co.uk to notify us accordingly.  You will then receive further information.

Please click on the below link to buy your rider place: PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS EVENT IS NOW SOLD OUT. PLEASE CONTACT emraltd@gmail.com FOR  ORE INFORMATION



A temporary traffic regulation order will be in place allowing free parking for equine transport vehicles (horse lorries/cars with trailers) in Kings Stables Road. Your transport can make its way there any time after the start of the ride. Please note that Kings Stables Road can be entered from Grassmarket or the Southbound carriageway of Lothian Road. Kings Stables Road can only be exited via Grassmarket.

Riders must follow instructions of the marshals at all times. Failure to do so will result in you being asked to leave the ride.

The event organiser reserves the right to refuse entry.

While it is accepted that riders may use hip flasks during the event, any rider found to be drunk or involved in the over consumption of alcohol will be asked to leave the ride. Hip flasks should not be used on public roads.

Edinburgh Riding of the Marches has engaged Tower Farm Riding Stables to once again be the official equine transport vehicle for the event. Under no circumstances should any other vehicle attempt to gain access to loose, rider less or injured horses during the event. Wherever possible, we will ensure that horses unable to complete the ride are returned to their owners

Riders are NOT permitted to join the ride at any other point than Todhills. There will be NO opportunity to change riders or join the ride at Craigmillar Castle.

Principal riders wishing to wear their uniform soft hats will be permitted to change hats as the cavalcade passes Holyrood Park Road (approx 1520) or when the ride pauses in the Queens Park before passing The Scottish Parliament (approx 1530).

Full details of the route and timings will be published in advance of the ride. Please note, the route and timings are dependent on the harvest, and are subject to change.

On behalf of the Edinburgh March Riding Association, we look forward to welcoming you all to the Capital on Sunday 17th September.

Rider information – what to expect

The event spans over the course of an entire day with riders in the saddle for approximately 7 hours in total (with breaks during the morning and lunch time) , with a morning chase around the outskirts of the City Boundaries, taking in stunning views with exhilarating gallops.


This section of the event is fast-moving at times and all participants must be confident in canter and gallop.  Those intending to ride their own horse in an event like this for the first time, should be aware that your horse will behave differently in a group of over 200 riders.  Riders are in the saddle from 9am until 12.15pm after which there is a 1 hour and 15 minute break.


The afternoon section involves limited canters (3 at most) and culminates in the Civic Procession up the Royal Mile.  Riders will be in the saddle from 1.30pm until 4.30pm with the official declaration at the Mercat Cross taking place at 4pm.  Following the 3 canters during the afternoon, the ride remains at a walk and trot for the rest of the event.  The ride commences up the Royal Mile from 3.40pm where they will be led by a Pipe Band and will be flanked by several thousand spectators.  Upon arrival at the Mercat Cross, riders will be required to come to a halt within the barriered event arena during the ceremony.